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Information Stands

All elements, drawings and colors on fire signs have their own meaning. For example, the colors determine the type of plate: the red signal on the plate warns of danger, the index and prescriptive plates are usually painted blue or green, yellow - warns. This facilitates the perception of information and saves valuable time in dangerous conditions.

Prescriptive fire safety signs

They inform about safety rules, give guidance to action in dangerous situations. For example, they include signs that remind and rules to work in protective clothing or shoes, in protective glasses.

Fire warning signs

Attract your attention, inform about potential danger. These include signs: Explosive, Fire hazard and others.

Forbidding signs

Inform about the prohibition of actions within the framework of fire safety. Such signs include: Smoking is prohibited, Passage is prohibited, It is forbidden to extinguish with water, It is forbidden to use electric heaters.

Index plates

It is used to indicate the locations of various fire safety elements: hydrants, fire cranes, fire extinguishers, telephone, fire escape, directions to the locations of fire equipment or equipment.

Auxiliary or informing fire signs

They are used to indicate the locations of hydrants, fire cranes, sound sounders, fire extinguishers. they contain textual information — how to act in case of smoke, the name of the person responsible for ensuring fire safety and others.