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Growth Figures

A life-size figure – advertising design consisting of full-color printout pasted on a rigid base of plastic. Curly cutting allows to produce hard posters of almost any shape, and the stand from the back side to install on any smooth surface. The benefits of growth figures as an advertising medium:

  • The size and shape attracts attention

  • High quality print and a notched cut allow you to implement any advertising tasks

  • The ease and simplicity of transportation, installation and operation


Size figures is one of the innovative types of outdoor advertising and implement your creative ideas. You can see them in different places: in shopping malls, on the street near cafes and shops, in places of recreation, as the original pointer, causing a smile. Vivid images of people in natural size always attract attention.

  • Figure-pointer. An essential attribute of large-scale events that are organized over a large area – information pointer. However, not all participants will pay attention to banal arrow with text. Much better to use the growth figure with the pointer.

  • Information Desk. Bright high mascot figure not only creates atmosphere, but also works to inform guests: "reports" about the content of the event, "handing out" advertising flyers.

  • Meeting guests. A life-size figure can be the first to welcome guests at the entrance to the celebration. In College or University in the open day growth figure will give potential students confidence in the correctness of their choice.

  • Photo zone. In a growth figure for the location of the face is cut oval to this event felt like a Hollywood star, a famous rock artist or Santa Claus.

  • Decorating. Manufacturer of colorful decorations in the form of growth figures, hard posters is a great opportunity to decorate the school fete, corporate event or wedding celebration.

  • "Star" at the festival. Inform the guests that the event will be attended by the movie star, or famous rock musician. And it must be true, in view of the growth figures.

  • Double hero for the day. Unusual and fun gift for birthday – a life-size figure of the birthday boy. "The double," is sure to delight both guests of the celebration, and the hero of the day.