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Door Hangers

A doorhanger is an information sign, usually made in the form of a rectangular hook to be placed on a door handle.

Doorhangers are actively used for the distribution of printed advertising products. In fact, the doorhanger replaces the advertising leaflet, because it has its own advantages:

  • the hook allows you to place the information directly on the door handle, and this is a 100% hit in the hands;

  • the unusual format immediately attracts attention and conveys information to the potential consumer.

Hooks can effectively "hook" in the provision of services, delivery, holding mass events, and much more.

Whether you're busy in a meeting, conducting an interview, or just in need of some peace and quiet, doorhanger "Do not disturb" will convey your message in the most concise form.

These signs are especially relevant for the hotel and restaurant business. Individual doorhangers will make a special highlight in the wedding celebration. Newlyweds will be able to book a room for a wedding party or a honeymoon. And later take your personal doorhangers with you as a souvenir in memory of the most unforgettable event of their life, which is connected with your hotel or restaurant.

Doorhangers are actively used in medical institutions, offices, schools, and even in the family circle.