Graphic Design and Printing Shop


Produce badges standard and arbitrary dimensions, horizontal and vertical orientation, with lamination and without, the plastic or in the pocket, the workpiece fastened on a pin, clip, lanyard or the magnet.

The types of badges:

  • Paper laminated
    The most popular type of badge. Durability is ensured by the use of thick glossy laminating film.

  • Round badge-icon
    Metal badge icon. Glossy film protects the printed image from external influences.

  • Hard pocket
    Hard pocket of transparent film. Just invest a printout with the name. The most budget variant of the badge for a long time.

  • The badge on paper
    Budget and functional type of badge. Printed on thick (300 g/sq. m) premium paper.

  • Plastic card
    Durable badge on thick plastic. Available different colors of card and printing.

  • Self-adhesive badge
    The easy badge for one time use. Self-adhesive paper leaves no marks on clothes.

  • Elastic pocket
    Just paste and replace the printout with the information. Can be used on both sides.